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What is a CMA?

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an evaluation of similar, recently sold homes (called comparables or comps) that are near a home or homes that you want to buy or sell. Real estate agents perform a CMA report to establish and find a fair price range for the home the report is created for. The price range from the CMA can then be used as a guide for establishing a listing price.

Basically, performing a CMA involves finding the homes that are similar to the home under consideration, and creating an in-depth comparison of its size, age, location, and features of the home. It all comes down to one question: compared to other, comparable homes in this area, how much is this home worth? Answering that question involves looking at a good amount of data on other homes in the current market.

The process for doing a comparative market analysis includes:

  • Research the local market conditions of the subject property's area
  • Determine a list of quality comparable properties that are in close proximity to the home
  • Evaluate the comparables size, condition, amenities, etc
  • Adjust comparable values for differences in size, condition, amenities, etc
  • Estimate the ideal value of your target home based off the findings

I offer these CMA home valuation reports to home owners 100% FREE and with no obligation. My only goal to provide value and education about the market and provide you a gage of where your home fairs in it.

Contact me today, and I'll get started right away on your home valuation report.