Mr. Buyer

My wife and I worked with Jeff Brumfield and his real estate associate Chris Tremontozzi to find our dream forever house. In the beginning we were working with them to have a custom home built on a lot Jeff had purchased in the Ramona area, but after the Covid 19 crisis caused complications in securing financing for the construction of the custom house, Jeff and Chris responded quickly when my wife stumbled upon a listing of an existing house that almost a mirrored the design of the custom house we had been designing with Jeff. The house had hit the market only a couple days prior but they were able to coordinate a viewing of the house last minute on a Sunday with the proper protocol in place to observe the new Covid 19 process of seeing a home in person. After our walk though, we immediately fell in love with the house and Jeff and Chris were able to help position us to land this dream forever home, while up against 10 other offers because of their experience, Jeff’s reputation, and (as luck would have it) long-standing relationship with the seller’s agent. This all culminated in Jeff being able to ensure we provided the highest non-contingent offer and not get into a bidding war. We relied on Jeff and Chris for their guidance through the home purchase process which allowed us to close on time with a great 3.125% 30 yr fixed rate via a quality lender Jeff’s son worked for. Jeff and Chris were always very responsive and thorough in explaining the process to my wife and I as we had a lot of question with this being our first time purchasing a home not from a family member. I would highly recommend Jeff and Chris to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, but most definitely if that home purchase and/or sale are in the Ramona, CA area as their knowledge of the area, the real estate market, and their many relationships with other real estate agents will be the edge you need in landing the house of your dreams in a very competitive home purchase environment consisting of low inventory and high buyer interest, not to mention helping to ensure you are best positioned to receive the best/highest offer when it comes time to sell your house.